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Created with PowerPoint and Windows Movie Maker.

Click on the movie to view more of Jeff's work


Added August 21, 2013

Pagerizer will calculate the page layout for a folded booklet. You tell it the number of pages (which it will move up to the next multiple of four, if necessary), and it will tell you which pages go on which sheets of your layout.

Added October 24, 2013

silbuf (a SILence BUFfer script for Windows) will attach one second of silence to the beginning and end of each WAV audio file in a folder where you place it.

This is extremely useful if you have dozens of audio files that need to have gaps placed between them.

Added June 15, 2016

GradientSplit will let you define starting and ending color values for a gradient, but then also split that gradient up over the number of breaks you specify.