README file for silbuf [SilBuf, a SILence BUFfer], a Windows script to buffer sound files with silence on both ends

  1. Download a zip file with the following four things:

  2. Read the silbuf and silbuftask batch files closely.

  3. You'll need to install sox and you'll need to know where it's installed. silbuftask needs the path to the sox executable. You can get sox here.

  4. You'll need to provide your own silence file (or use mine). It needs to match the format of the files to which you want to append. You can build one easily with Audacity. Get Audacity here.

  5. IF you've followed the above instructions closely, feel free to email me with questions at jeffholton at mac dot com md5 sum = 5effe5434fd23821d7826e22016f6cb0